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A low maintenance garden feature – your pond!

By April 1, 2016April 20th, 2016ponds

Although a properly designed water feature is low-maintenance and works with Mother Nature, on occasion it needs a little nurturing. Just like anything else you find in nature, a pond has different needs at various times of the year. We’ll always help you to understand what’s involved and here’s a few key points to get you started:

  1. Most water gardeners look to their ponds as a source of relaxation and escape, not a source of work and maintenance. Fortunately, a properly designed water feature should require very little maintenance. In fact, there are only a few items of regular maintenance that you can expect.
  2. It’s reasonable to expect that most of your regular pond maintenance will relate to the filtration system. The amount of maintenance your pond requires generally depends on the type of system that filters your pond.
  3. A pond that is filtered with skimmers and biological filters will require much less maintenance. Regular maintenance with this type of system consists of emptying the debris nets and cleaning the filter pads in the skimmer. This only takes a few minutes of your time, and this type of filter is easily accessible too! How often this is required depends on the amount of debris and leaves that find their way into your pond.
  4. When the aquatic plants in your pond are actively growing, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for and remove any yellowing leaves and spent flowers, especially on water lilies. Like many terrestrial perennials, this is a normal part of the plant’s seasonal growth cycle.

After getting a pond you’ll likely think back to the days when you had to weed, water, and mow the lawn it now occupies and you’ll be sure to appreciate your watery paradise a little more!

If you’d like some help maintaining your pond we’d be happy to assist!
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