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You can't beat unique!

Our Bubbling Natural Stone Fountains add sound, movement and neighbour envy ūüôā

“I want that one!”
With our unique bubbling rocks, you can choose your own stone/boulder and we’ll turn it into a one-of-a-kind bubbling rock fountain.¬†These fountains are perfect for noisy yards and work well in small spaces. Cluster two or three rocks¬†for best effect!

Get some inspiration from our gallery below and contact us to discuss what might work best for you!

How do they work

A bubbling rock fountain is normally installed over a basin formed with pond liner and then filled with Aquablocks and your choice of our high quality pebble. Aquablocks (similar to milk crates) provide a structural base, allow easy pump access and create a void to maximize water volume underneath the pebble (similar to our pondless waterfalls).

After choosing your feature stone(s), we custom drill and plumb ready for the pump to provide the flowing water! The final step is positioning the stone and rocking in around it as well as planting a variety of suitable aquatic plants if desired.

Try our bubbling rock fountains as a unique entry feature or even incorporated into interlock paving!

How much do they cost

Each and every bubbling rock fountain is unique and will be a lasting focal point in your landscape. Our full-service bubbling rocks start from $1799 installed. To give you an idea of size this would be a rock in the vicinity of 30 inches tall or weighing 300 pounds or less. We’d be happy to speak with you further and put together a custom package.

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What’s included: feature rock of your choice, custom drilling,¬†EPDM liner, pump enclosure, durable 800 GPH fountain pump, high quality pebble to cover the baisin.


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Bubbling rock fountains are a cost-effective landscape feature that will add a splash of movement and sound to any space!

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