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SPRING 2016 UPDATE: Sales of pond products and plants from Van Beek’s Oakville/Milton location are no longer available.
Please read more about our changes and services here.

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At Natural Impressions / The Pond Shop we are knowledgeable about a variety of aquatic plants suitable for ponds and water features.

Aquatic plants play a very important role in your water garden. They create a natural look while providing shade and shelter for a wide variety of creatures including frogs, fish and dragon flies. With proper care, aquatic plants will not only enhance the beauty of your pond, they will also reduce maintenance and help create crystal clear water conditions.


Water Lilies and Lotus 

Lotus Flower

Water Lily


Hardy Shallow Water Plants 

Four Leaf Clover

Micro Cattail

Mini Cattail

Mare’s Tail


Sweet Flag

Blue Iris


Tropical Shallow Water Plants

Bengal Canna Lilly

Canna Tropicanna (African Sunset Canna lilly)


Floating Aquatic Plants 

Water Hyacinth

Water lettuce