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Escape to paradise...

Bring a little Muskoka to your backyard!

With our busy lives there’s no better place to unwind than pond-side! A pond allows you to bring a little Muskoka right into your own backyard

Full service Pondless Waterfall design and install

Getting an incredible landscape feature that creates lasting beauty and is easy to maintain is likely easier than you think. Our full-service pond/water feature design and installation starts with a no obligation, in-home consultation. In this consultation we go over your vision and budget as well as the potential/challenges of your existing landscape. It’s a great way to avoid common pond/water feature mistakes and makes sure you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting.

If you’d like, we can also go on a private tour of some of our local ponds/water features so you can get the full experience – we’ll do our best to set something up for you!

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Handy Pond Info and Resources:

Each and every pond is unique and as such we can tailor something exactly to what you want and your budget. As a basic guide we’ve prepared the packages below to give you an idea of the investment involved in getting a pond that will give lasting enjoyment in every season.

Sanctuary Starter

8′ x 11′ from $6,000

Paradise Found

11′ x 16′ from $9,500

Muskoka Manor

16′ x 21′ from $16,000

There’s no stopping what’s possible! We’re experienced with design and builds up to 40′ x 60′ and 20,000+ GPH flow rates

A pond is not merely a hole filled with water, rather a living breathing ecosystem consisting of rocks, plants, fish and beneficial bacteria which work together to keep the water clear and the pond looking natural and full of life! Along with the Aquascape mechanical filter that catches leaves and debris, the plants and bacterias form the biological filter that keeps the pond balanced and almost maintenance free – just clean out the leaves from the skimmer every so often and enjoy!

Considering a pond for the first time? This Pond Owners Handbook is a great way to get a sense of what’s involved in creating and enjoying your very own unique pond.

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    Make a splash this summer and bring the beauty and nature of a pond into your backyard…

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