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If you’d like some help maintaining your pond we’d be happy to assist!

In general, once a healthy pond with a balanced ecosystem is established, it will require only limited maintenance beyond seasonal opening and closing.


Maintenance and Support Services


Spring Pond Clean Out

Jump-start your pond for the new season with a Pond Clean Out. Your Pond Clean Out includes:

  • Draining the pond
  • Catching fish
  • Pressure washing bigger rocks
  • Rinsing gravel
  • Cleaning/replacing filters
  • Cutting back/removing dead pond plants
  • Fertilizing pond plants
  • Adding salt/de-chlorinator
  • Adding first dose of beneficial bacteria
  • Other services/products are available for an additional charge

From $250 (dependant on pond size)

Pond lighting package new/service/upgrade also available. Contact us for details.

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Scheduled Maintenance (bi-weekly, monthly etc)

If keeping your pond or water feature in tip-top shape is a priority or you just need some help with general service matters we can definitely take care of you.

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Fall Close Down Service

Get ready for winter knowing your pump is professionally packed away and your pond is prepped and ready to be in the best shape possible come spring! Fall close down is included in our yearly service packages – from $450.

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