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2016 season store & service changes

By March 20, 2016March 26th, 2016updates

Spring 2016 will mark my (Rory) 15th year designing, installing and maintaining ponds and water features. A big thanks goes out to all of our valued customers who have supported us over those years!

The Pond Shop (at Van Beek’s) was born of wanting to spread our love of ponds and offering customers – new and old – a spot to pick up plants, supplies and gain some DIY know-how. One of the things we found most challenging in doing so was keeping a level of service and products we expected of ourselves while juggling the demands of a busy build schedule.

So, for the 2016 season, we’re going back to our roots and focusing on what we do best – design, installation and maintenance. Read on for some exciting news around that…



Natural Swimming Pools

Increasing awareness of the effects of chemical exposure in our environment, as well as just the unrivalled refreshment of swimming in natural water has driven the recent boom in interest for natural swimming pools(or “swim ponds” to some). In 2016, we’re embarking on an early Spring build case study and are available for natural swim pond builds across the season.  Follow along as we’ll be posting more information and updates to this blog!



Socially focused

We’re the first to admit we haven’t embraced social media as well as we might have. Undoubtedly it’s a great way to share insight and awareness of what we’re up to. In 2016, we’re committed to improving and have a wealth of local info queued up and ready to share with you.

Update – see, we joined Instagram here already – come say hi.
(and we’re here on Facebook too)



Increased trade partnerships

We understand the importance of having trusted trade partners you can rely on. Why choose Natural Impressions as a trade partner:

  • We can help add value to your projects by giving a signature feature adding to the prestige of your work and setting your company apart from the rest
  • We warranty our work and will make your life easier by doing the installation and guaranteeing the workmanship and taking care warranty issues on any products should one arise.
  • We have worked successfully with many other companies just like your own and provide free consultations (on or off site) to discuss design/pricing

Please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about how we can work together.

All the best for spring and summer 2016!

Rory Payne